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5 Easy Steps to polish professionally your shoes

Step #1 - What do we need?

Ideally we need the followings: 1.Two hourse hair brushes ; 2.One Long handled small brush: 3.Cotton cloth; 4. Shoe Cream; 5.Shoe Polish; 6. Pair of shoe trees

Step #2- Prepare your shoes!

  • Remove shoe laces

  • Take first horse hair Brush and clean your shoes from dust and dirts:

  • Use Long handled Shoe brush to clean hard-to-reach parts of the shoes


Step #3 - Apply Shoe Cream

  • Apply shoe cream using a soft cotton cloth wrapped around a finger or two in small circular motion (it allows leather observe the cream faster);

  • Leave your shoes for 15-30 mins to let the leather observe the cream.

       By the way: We apply shoe cream to nurish and soften the leather of your shoes.

Step #4 - Apply Shoe Polish

  • Using the same cotton cloth apply shoe polish to give a shine to your shoes also with a circular moves;

  • Brush Extra shoe polish from your shoes with a second horse hair brush;

  • Note: Don't put to much pressure on brush while brushing your shoes.


Extra Tip: If you want to add extra shine/glaze effect to your shoes apply a bit of water on hairs of shoes brush

Step #5 - Put Shoe Tree inside of your Shoes

  • Put back the shoes laces;

  • Put any shoe tree inside of your polished shoes;

  • Leave your shoes to rest for 30-40 mins and Enjoy the result


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