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How to Stretch you leather shoes which are too tight fast and at home?

Nowadays so many people prefer to buy shoes online. But what to do in case if you have ordered your gorgeous pair of leather shoes and after trying them you discover that they are unfortunately too tight?!

Today we will present you two simple ways of how to stretch out your leather shoes fast and at home.

The first way to stretch your shoes is shown on this picture.

1. Put on two-four pairs of sock (depends on thickness of the socks);

2. Stuff your feet into your tight shoes, it is going to be difficult but it worth it;

3. Then blast your shoes with hot air from a hairdryer for 2-3 minutes while flexing your toes and bending your feet, concentrating on the tightest areas.

4. Keep your shoes on until the leather cools. After try on your shoes but without socks, and repeat if necessary until they’re comfortable.

This method is difficult, painful and takes your time but in the end IT WORKS!!!

The Second Method is Much Easier. The only tools you need are:

- Hairdryer (recommended but not necessary);

- Neutral Shoe Cream (recommended but not necessary);

Plastic Shoe Stretcher for High Heeled Shoes

Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Flat Shoes

Instructions of Methode 2:

1. Place you Shoe Stretcher into your small shoes;

2. Then blast your shoe with a hot air from a hairdryer for a couple of minutes concentrating on the tightess area;

3. Apply Neutral color shoe cream all over the shoe but only on leather part of the shoe in order to nourish and soften it;

4. Don't remove the shoe stretcher out of your shoes. Leave your shoes minimum for 24h along with shoe stretcher inside.

5. Note: stretch your shoes slowly, gradually increasing the level of the stretcher. Otherwise you may damage the leather.

Using this method you can stretch out men shoes as well. offers different models of Shoe Stretchers for Men and Women made of Wood, Aluminium and Plastic.

Also Ladies shoe stretchers divided in to Stretchers for High Heeled Shoes and Flat Shoes. Please press here to check the latest models.

We deliver our products within 1-3 business days within UAE and Ship parcels to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman in 3-5 business days.

In Conclusion we would like to say that both Methods helps to stretch out your lovely shoes. It's your choose to choose the right method.

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Thank you and Have a great day!

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